Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

by Guadalajara Sotheby´s International Realty

Puerto Vallarta: a coastal Mexican town nestled towards the northwestern periphery of Jalisco overlooking the Bahia de Banderas, unlike most other Mexican beach destinations, is often visited by more food connoisseurs and gastronomes than beach lovers. Puerto Vallarta’s scenic setting borders the largest natural bay in Mexico, which makes it a popular beach resort town, especially among cruise vacationers. Apart from being a reputed foodie hub and a famous port for the Mexican Riviera Cruise line, Puerto Vallarta México also offers a diverse array of natural and cultural attractions for visitors and history buffs alike.

The area’s unique geographical terrain attracts many nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers who love expeditions along gorgeous coastal shores, hiking on the paths leading to lushly hill ranges and diving underwater to explore the hidden treasures of the Pacific coast. The golden sand beaches lined with a chain of opulent properties, vacation rentals, and stunning resorts offer a plenty of lodging options for guests.

History and culture are the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta. The town was once a primary habitation hub for the Huicholes indigenous groups. Its unscathed cobblestone streets, historic cathedrals and old majestic bungalows represent the true colonial style culture and México lifestyle. After so many years, this fast-growing scenic coastal town still boasts that traditional Mexican charm yet offers many modern amenities for a comfortable living. That’s the reason México real estate investment opportunities are thriving here.

Apart from its stunning coastline in Mexico’s Bahia de Banderas, the town is famous for Malecón de Puerto Vallarta featuring a palm tree-lined avenue flanked by historic homes, boutiques and fancy shops. This boardwalk is a recently renovated waterfront promenade perfect for a casual seaside stroll. Lots of local vendors offer traditional Mexican goodies, food, souvenirs and handicraft items here on this boardwalk.

From honeymooners to beach nomads, there are nude beaches popularly known as Playas nudistas México within the proximity from this town. Whether it is a salty plunge or to bask in the sun, the beaches here offer a variety of activity opportunities to enjoy. Palm-fringed beach promenades, quaint coastal towns, and luxurious properties are something unique in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta’s one-of-a-kind shore connecting the Banderas Bay is one main tourist attraction, which offers 60 miles of scenic coastline with endless things to see, do and experience. While the destinations along the Playas México’s coastal setting are more popular for those typical vacaciones México, people often love Puerto Vallarta for its true country vibe, gorgeous beaches, and for all diverse dining choices that no other city in México offers.

Within its setting bordered by miles of coastal shores and rugged cliffs, Puerto Vallarta offers tempting beachfront properties, apartments, and luxury real estate investment options for avid investors and luxury home buyers alike. Villas, vacation rentals, and lavish penthouses overlooking the stunning coastline of the Banderas Bay are quite popular among retirees looking for a desire living México home. And with a steady appreciation value, the future of real estate investment in Puerto Vallarta looks promising too.


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